Going beyond compliance, we offer a full range of tax planning services for both businesses and individuals. Working with you, we formulate strategies to improve your tax position. You benefit from advantages allowed by law while avoiding pitfalls.

Tax Planning for Business

In addition to the preparation of tax returns, we advise on and assist with:

• Techniques and methods of minimizing tax expense

• Representation for income tax and other business tax examinations

• IRS-approved retirement plans

• Determination of the tax impact of mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations

• Selection of a structure for your business – whether, when, where and how to incorporate or liquidate

• Tax effects of buy-sell agreements and executive compensation agreements

• Impact of specific transactions

Tax Planning for Individuals

Our staff of specialists work with you and your other professional advisors for:

• Determining techniques and methods for minimizing tax expense

• Representing you on income, estate and gift tax examinations

• Evaluating the impact of investment opportunities, tax shelters and buying or selling real estate

• Developing strategies to meet long-term goals

• Providing advice and assistance in the areas of gift taxes, pension and profit-sharing plans, trusts and other fiduciary matters

• Designing estate plans to help build and preserve your assets while minimizing estate and inheritance taxes


International Tax Planning

Our affiliation with the member firms of JHI International gives the firm access to extensive resources and knowledge of tax regulations and procedures across national borders.

We work with clients to:

• Identify consequences of overseas moves

• Minimize tax obligations

• Enhance financial positions

• Advise and solve sophisticated international tax problems

Knowledgeable and respected professionals

Our tax team possesses broad-based expertise to help with your tax needs. When detailed research of tax laws are necessary, our complete tax library can provide up-to-date resources for the development of tax strategies to meet your unique needs and circumstances.